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Book review: 'Growing from Depression' by Dr Neel Burton
Added: 3rd Jul 2017

Dr Neel Burton’s latest book on mental health is a concise and thought-provoking guide to a disorder which affects roughly one in five people at some point during their lives.

Growing from Depression is a practical and empowering tool to understand the complexities of the condition, causes and independent solutions.

It balances medical and academic research with simple everyday tips such as how to sleep better and manage stress.

The book is split into four parts: Understanding depression; Formal treatments; Modular self-help; and Mental health services and the law.

Crucially, Dr Burton understands depression to be a unique experience for each person affected and offers various ways of interpreting the disorder and the different types of thinking errors people with depression can use.

Any reader who has experienced depression is able to relate to the situations and feelings explored due to the book coming up with various emotional conclusions a person might draw from the same scenario.

It explores the journey people with depression can face, demystifying many treatments, drugs and therapies with easy to understand information and facts. For this reason, the book is not only of use to individuals with a direct experience but also carers, family members, friends, and people with a general interest in the field.

Particularly interesting chapters include The happiness trap as it considers why happiness in society has not increased dramatically over the last 60 to 70 years despite increases in real term incomes, and Depressive realism, which turns the concept of depression in many cases on its head.

SANE is listed as a useful address in the book to seek help, support and information.

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