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Eastbury make a new friend
Added: 5th Jul 2017

Students at Eastbury Community School in Barking created their very own black dog out of paper mache.

Megan Greet, science teacher at the school, advocated SANE in class discussions and spurred the children to partake in fun art activities surrounding mental health. The creation of the dog, Mini Elvis, showcased their passion for the cause. He will be displayed on the school grounds alongside the school’s very own SANE dog, Elvis.

The school have been raising awareness of mental health throughout the year, by holding art lessons and assemblies discussing and expressing mental health.  

The school writes: "Through assemblies and whole class responses, we raised awareness of the complex and often misunderstood issues."

It is great to hear young people getting so involved in our cause, and so a big well done to the students of Eastbury for inspiring and showing such commitment.

If you have been inspired by Eastbury School's efforts and would like to fundraise for better mental health, we'd love to hear from you! From fun run to marathon, quiz to karaoke, there's an idea to suit everyone. Email or call 0203 805 1790.

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