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SING4SANE Big Sing: Raising awareness of mental health at Waterloo
Added: 31st May 2017

On Saturday 3 June, a public group of singers will descend on Waterloo Railway Station concourse to raise the roof on awareness of mental health stigmas and the importance of mind health care.

The music and mental health initiative - called SING4SANE (S4S) - aims to bring together members of the public to sing and build connections among those with an understanding of, and empathy towards, mental health struggles.

Led by singer-songwriter and project founder, Melissa James, the group will sing, Live Again, a song written by James which illustrates the mental confusion of someone afraid to admit they need help.

James, a long-time sufferer of depression, began the S4S project early last year to help herself through her own mental health difficulties at a point of realising, after many years of denial, that she needed to get help. She invited people to join her in singing Live Again at Heathrow’s Caffe Nero store in February 2016. Thirty participants stood and sang alongside her, later explaining their own stories and expressing their beliefs in the power of music.

The S4S founder also recalls the story of a man who travelled direct from his LA home to be at her concert in London to tell her how, upon hearing her music at a point of feeling suicidal, she saved his life.

She says: "A story like that stays with you and makes you truly realise the positive effect, and power, that music can have. When you combine that with a number of voices coming together for no other reason than they believe in the cause and want to sing to support it, it sends an incredibly powerful message and promotes compassion towards ourselves and others."

Live Again was recorded as a charity single, using a public crowd, last summer at the late Mickie Most’s RAK Studios. All sale proceeds from the charity single go direct to the mental health charity SANE.

Marjorie Wallace, founder and chief executive of SANE, says: “Singing is great for the mind and spirit, and Melissa’s songwriting talent and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all.”

Anyone interested in joining the SING4SANE Big Sing at Waterloo Railway Station in London on Saturday 3 June, should get in touch via

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