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SANE responds to investigation into deaths at the Linden Centre in Essex
Added: 22nd May 2017

Police are investigating a series of deaths at the Linden Centre mental health unit in Essex which has been repeatedly criticised over the handling of patient safety.

On Friday, an inquest jury ruled that the state failed to protect the life of Richard Wade, who died in May 2015. They concluded: “Richard’s risk of suicide was not properly and adequately assessed and reviewed."

Responding to the inquest verdict and other patient deaths involving ligatures at the Linden Centre, Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, says: “We are pleased that the verdict was so uncompromising. This was a disturbing failure by those managing this unit and, in the light of previous deaths in similar circumstances, a failure to value the lives of patients and learn lessons from the past.

“It does not take huge resources or staffing to remove a door handle or coat hook already identified as being a source of danger. We are concerned that such cases may reflect a culture apathetic about the risk that patients may pose.

“SANE supports the efforts of the families of those who lost their lives in this way, but are saddened at the lengths they have had to go to prevent further unnecessary deaths.”

To read more about the police investigation, click here.

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