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Celebrity ambassador Tuppence Middleton speaks to SANE about mental health
Added: 20th Mar 2017

Actress and SANE celebrity ambassador Tuppence Middleton has spoken about her experience of mental health and why she is determined to remove the stigma.

Tuppence, who has starred in Dickensian and War & Peace, spoke with Adrian Garcia, 'commander in chief' of the Black Dog Campaign, for the first in a series of special podcasts on mental health for SANE.

During the interview, Tuppence recalls her memories of developing mental health problems when she was younger and said why she wanted to work with SANE to campaign for change.

She says: "I struggled with various things when I was younger. The first thing I suppose that I noticed was issues with OCD that I had which started off in various ways as it typically does with cleaniness and handwashing and very strict routines, obsessing around turning off a light switch, or turning off the oven or making sure the gas isn't on and all that kind of stuff.

"As I got older I suppose it developed into a more generalised anxiety and I just didn't feel like I had much of a voice when I was younger. I didn't know who I was supposed to talk to about it."

The interview covers seeking help, the importance of educating people to spot the signs a person might be struggling with a mental illness, and the role of talking therapies, especially in schools and university.

On the influence of social media, Tuppence says: "At a time when people are oversharing a lot of aspects oof their lives, people still aren't sharing the most intimate and important things to share like they need help."

To listen to the interview in full, click here.

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