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SANE ambassador Rachel Kelly launches new recipe book with mental health in mind
Added: 13th Jan 2017

SANE’s celebrity ambassador Rachel Kelly has launched a new book about the links between nutrition and mental health.

The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food is the product of a five year long collaboration with nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh, and features an incredible collection of recipes designed to promote good mental health.

Rachel Kelly has worked closely with SANE to campaign about mental illness and the stigma associated with it since 2013. In 2014, she published Black Rainbow, a poignant first person account describing how poetry helped her overcome depression.

Her new book provides valuable insight and practical advice on how to keep the blues at bay by eating well, with bite-size sections on the science behind essential ingredients in her recipes. Each chapter focuses on a unique aspect of self-care, from boosting energy to recipes that help bring about better sleep.

Rachel says: “Nearly a decade ago, I began to notice how much food affected my mood. I started noting which foods made me feel calm, which helped me sleep, and which cheered me up.

"This book is an invitation to feed our demanding grey matter as best we can. It's one way we can help ourselves, without recourse to medication: we can choose what we eat and cook. For me taking responsibility for my mental health in this way was a step on the road to recovery as well as being great fun."

SANE is running a giveaway competition on Twitter to celebrate the launch of Rachel’s new book. We will be giving out two copies every weekday for the next two weeks; check our Twitter page regularly to find out how you can win.

The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food is available to buy from Amazon here. For more on Rachel Kelly and her work as a mental health campaigner, visit her website here. Read Rachel’s exclusive blog post for SANE on the science behind healthy eating here.

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