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Independent review details NHS Trust failings in ten homicide cases
Added: 18th Oct 2016

An independent review has criticised Sussex Partnership NHS Trust in the way it handled ten homicide cases involving people linked to its mental health services, following the manslaughter of Donald Lock by Matthew Daley. 

The Chief Executive of Sussex Partnership issued an apology and cited the review as sending "a very strong message about the need to identify and embed the learning from when things go wrong in a way that changes clinical practice and improves patient care."

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, says:

“We are pleased that these steps are being taken to deal with the families who have been so often disregarded and who experienced obstacles in finding out the truth. We hope that they will be more included in future, but are concerned that even now at least some families have not been involved in this review.

“Sussex Trust has one of the highest patient suicide rates in the country. The measures recommended for preventing homicides should be extended to stopping patients taking their own lives, and families being left without knowing the circumstances or receiving psychiatric support.”

To watch Marjorie commenting on the report on ITV, click here.

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