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Self harm hospital admissions on the rise
Added: 10th Nov 2010

Comment from Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, on the latest Hospital Admission figures from the NHS Information Centre, showing an 11% rise in self harm admissions in the last three years.

“These figures are shocking, but sadly no surprise. SANE’s own experience shows a disturbing increase in the numbers of people self harming, amounting almost to an epidemic.

“If left untreated, self harm can continue into adult life and with it a sense of guilt, self-blame and isolation. We call for rigorous follow-up for those attending accident and emergency departments who have self harmed, with psychological help offered for the underlying causes, such as depression.

“Our research shows that many people chose to self harm to protect themselves from attempting suicide. It is not, as some might believe, a failed suicide bid.”

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