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Suicide prevention for World Mental Health Day
Added: 7th Oct 2010

SANE will mark World Mental Health Day by getting a group of experts in suicide together to help get a major suicide prevention project underway.

Leading academics, care professionals, people who have lost someone to suicide or have attempted themselves will join SANE's research team to begin the three-year study.

Far fewer people are absolutely determined to make the irreversible decision to take their own lives than is commonly believed.

They tell us they do not want to die but, at the time, see death as the only way out of a situation that has become intolerable.

The majority of people are finely balanced between life and death and can be swayed by concern from and for someone who loves them.

Research shows that only one in five of people who survived wish they had died.

SANE is conducting major research studies into what a person experiences at the point at which they become suicidal. By talking to people who have attempted suicide and families of those who have taken their own lives, we aim to find out the most effective ways of intervening.

These findings will be made available to the public, families, health professionals and the police, enabling them to have more information and confidence to help people at risk.


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