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Ed Miliband's Speech on Mental Health
Added: 29th Oct 2012

Comment from Marjorie Wallace on Ed Miliband’s speech announcing new proposals for mental health service provision, in which he describes mental illness as “the biggest unaddressed health challenge of our age”:

“It is extraordinary that despite the scale of the challenge and the fact that mental illness costs the NHS and employers more than any physical condition, people do not have a legal right to therapies for mental health problems. As Ed Miliband says, it is high time this lack of rights is addressed.

“We hope that, with this head of steam from the Opposition, we will see a renewed attack on the ways psychiatric services are being cut and the care they deliver spread so thinly that they leave many thousands to struggle without help. It is not just the negative taboo reinforced by the celebrities he quotes, it has been the traditional apathy that sets in where mental illness is involved.”


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