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Horsebox Gallery and SANE marry art, mental health and mayoral support for preview night
Added: 15th Aug 2012

Horsebox Gallery, a pop-up art gallery which transports exhibits in an 7.5 tonne horsebox, is lending its support to SANE, the mental health charity, and its 25th anniversary Black Dog campaign.

SANE’s campaign is positioning black dog sculptures across London and other major UK cities to raise awareness, reduce stigma and misunderstanding of mental health problems and to encourage more people to seek help.

Horsebox Gallery’s directors Emma Richeldis North and Jane McGill were so inspired by the black dog sculptures and the cause that they asked if one of them, ‘Hugo’, could be displayed at the Wandsworth Museum, the venue for their current exhibition, the Contemporary Equine Art Fair.

The exhibition showcases the work of leading artists who have drawn inspiration from the equine world. Art and horses are both superb sources of well-being and rehabilitation with one artist describing how her art was themed on a period of loss and depression and has helped her draw a close on the associated emotional difficulties.

SANE’s Black Dog campaign has drawn support from other artists including actors and musicians  who have produced coat designs for the sculptures. The list includes actress Joanna Lumley whose coat design decorates Hugo - named after her own pet dog, pop star Adam Ant and artists Duggie Fields and Anthony Cleyndert.

Marjorie Wallace CBE, SANE’s Chief Executive says, “We chose to make this dog a beautiful sculpture with a decorated coat not only to represent depression but to symbolise artistic expression and creativity with mental illness. The shadow of the Black Dog touches us all, but it is possible to master and live with your mental illness so that it no longer dominates your life.”

The Directors of the Horsebox Gallery gave this comment: "This is a fabulous campaign we are delighted to be associated with.  Art and Animals can be a wonderful source of support for those struggling with mental health and as Winston Churchill once said of the times when he was not depressed ‘All the colours come back into the picture”.

The CEAF runs till the 2nd September and includes film evenings on Thursday 16th and family workshops Saturday/Sunday 18/19th For more information visit For more information on SANE’s Black Dog campaign click here.

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(Images: Photographer Fiona Wright)

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