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Letter from SANE in the Guardian on Layard report
Added: 19th Jun 2012

Please find below letter from Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, which appeared in the Guardian, in response to the Layard report:

Untreated mental illness

"Your report of 18 June, “Scandal of mental illness: only 25% of people in need get help”, reveals the bleak mental health landscape which SANE recognises all too well, as frontline services continue to fail people with acute mental health needs.

"We agree that psychological therapies are an important investment, as Lord Layard says, and that many thousands who could benefit are still not reached. However, what is not sufficiently highlighted in this report is the depletion of fundamental care and treatment for those with severe, enduring mental illness, at risk or in crisis. People are not just slipping through the net but getting caught between the wheels of the different psychiatric teams, who often do not communicate with each other and bounce the patient back to their GP. Instead of being looked after by a consistent mental health team linking in-patient and out-patient care, service users report that they may never see the same person twice and each time have to tell their story all over again.

"We support Lord Layard’s call to action, before the mental health system becomes more fragmented and there are too many casualties, suicides, and untold suffering."

Marjorie Wallace CBE
Chief Executive, SANE


To read the Guardian article please click here.

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