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SANE comment on LSE report: How Mental Illness Loses Out In The NHS
Added: 18th Jun 2012

Please find below comment from Marjorie Wallace, Chief Executive of the mental health charity SANE, on the London School of Economics report “How Mental Illness Loses Out In The NHS”:

“Lord Layard and his colleagues highlight what we already know from our daily experience at SANE – that we are at an all-time low in the response of mental health services to people with severely disabling mental illness.

“While the government has put money into psychological therapies, on the other hand resources are being drained from the fundamental treatment of people in crisis, those in need of in-patient care such as the suicidal, and those in the community where the cuts are depriving them of the few things that make their lives more tolerable, such as day centres, clubs, activities and occupation.

“We support Lord Layard’s call to action, before there are too many casualties and the services become too fragmented to help them.”


*SANE's comment on the LSE report was picked up by Scotsman News. To read the Scotsman news article, please click here.

Marjorie Wallace is available for interview on 07860 812 566.

For more information please contact the SANE media department on 020-7422 5556.

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