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Black Dogs come East for Mental Health Awareness Week
Added: 21st May 2012

To mark SANE’s contribution to Mental Health Awareness week - 21st to 27th May 2012 - two of our Black Dog sculptures, Hugo and Horace, have arrived back in Tower Hamlets.

Hugo, whose flamboyant ‘Ab Fab’ style coat was designed by Joanna Lumley, is positioned in Museum Gardens in Bethnal Green.

Horace, the first dog the campaign rolled out, is now in Mile End Park. Previously he was located in Altab Ali park in Whitechapel. The x on the map below shows the exact location of Horace. He's on the edge of the park, and you'll be able to see him from the bus terminal:

Two more Black Dog statues will join the East London tour in June.

Later the Black Dogs will move to locations in west London, then north and south of the river.  They serve to raise awareness of mental health problems, reduce stigma and alert people to the free, confidential emotional support that SANE provides.

An increasing number of people with depression and anxiety are contacting SANE for help and emotional support.

“A vicious circle is being created with cuts to mental health services coinciding with increased demand, especially for psychological counselling, leaving people with no-one to turn to at times of crisis.” Marjorie Wallace, chief executive officer of SANE, said.

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