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Black Dog Campaign Update
Added: 27th Sep 2011

Thanks to generous support from members of the public, companies and community organisations the Black Dog Campaign fund now stands at £30,000. We also know that several† groups/firms are planning to make significant contributions. We anticipate these contributions will take the total to £50,000 by the end of October – 20% towards our target. And by the year end we hope the fund will reach £100,000.

Please contribute £25 to support our 25th Anniversary campaign. Donate now

Four Black Dogs – Four New Homes

Over the coming weeks we are finalising plans to have four Black Dogs in circulation. Homer, sponsored by Legal & General, will initially be based in Victoria Quarter Leeds, with the possibility of a tour of their UK offices from November. We will keep you posted on the locations of the other three! Please let us know if you would like to see a Black Dog in your area.

Joanna_LumleyWe’re thrilled that Joanna Lumley has lent her support to the campaign by designing a truly stunning coat for one of the Black Dogs. We can’t yet reveal the details of this much anticipated design, but we think everyone will agree it’s absolutely fabulous. More news to follow soon.


We’ve been inundated with requests for Black Dog merchandise. We've now taken delivery of the first badges and wristbands. If you’d like to raise awareness and/or fundraise for the campaign please contact and we’ll happily send you some merchandise. We’ve got more ideas in the pipeline so please keep your suggestions coming in.


It is vital to extend the campaign into universities and schools, towns and cities across the UK. We have some wonderful Black Dog banners to help promote the campaign. The sizes (in feet) are: large (7x5), medium (6x4), small (5x3). SANE will provide these free to support your community fundraising activity. Please contact and share your ideas with us.

Send a Text – Save a Life

We will soon be sharing details of the next phase of the Black Dog Campaign. SANE believes the public can play a vital role in recognising and responding to the critical early warning signs of mental health problems. Please keep an eye on the website for more information.

Thank you for your support and interest in the Black Dog Campaign. Together we can change attitudes, reduce stigma and improve mental health.

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