News and Comment

Listed below is mental health comment SANE has published in the last 18 months. 

Someone to talk to at Christmas
15th Dec 2017
The holiday season can be an occasion for companionship and enjoyment, but it can also be a distressing time of the year for many people living with mental illness. That’s wh...
Q&A with James Kermack, director of Hi-Lo Joe
23rd Nov 2017
SANE is supporting the release of Hi-Lo Joe, a new film depicting one man's journey through depression. We spoke to director James Kermack prior to the film's release on 24th Novem...
Father and Daughter Race
21st Nov 2017
Father and daughter run for SANE and raise over £1000, exceeding their target! On 15th October, Beth and her dad ran their first half marathon together, the Leicester Maratho...
Mason Noise joins pupils from Eastbury Community School to welcome return of Elvis, the Black Dog
10th Nov 2017
SANE ambassador Mason Noise joined pupils from Eastbury Community School to welcome back a very special four-legged guest. Elvis, a 3ft fibreglass sculpture who is part of SANE&rsq...
Taming the Black Dog Gig
10th Nov 2017
Rock band Cairo Son held a gig for SANE and raised a great £1400! Cairo Son, Magdy, Ed and Enrico, came to SANE a few months ago and told us about their idea of organising a ...
Scotland's Rural College unveils Shady, the Black Dog
07th Nov 2017
Scotland’s Rural College, and its students’ association SRUCSA, are taking the lead when it comes to tackling mental health problems. As a symbol of its commitment to h...