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CQC Investigation into West London Mental Health NHS Trust
Added: 17th Jul 2009

Comment from Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, on the Care Quality Commission investigation into West London Mental Health NHS Trust:

"This report is not only an indictment of one trust but may be symptomatic of a sickness at the heart of many mental health services, trying to deliver care under often intolerable pressures and cutbacks.

"The government has promised to put the patient at the centre of the healthcare system  but the patient is, sometimes literally, buried under targets, bureaucracy and systems. For example, sending back the belongings of someone who has committed suicide months later in waste disposal bags, reveals how divorced some practitioners have become from those who suffer and need help.

"We are increasingly concerned that 'serious, untoward incidents', such as those referred to in this report, repeat the same litany of failures and collective indifference. It is no coincidence that, where things go wrong, those accountable may disappear and an interim replacement parachuted in- so any direct responsibility is diffused. We hope that these findings will force management to make the safety of patients in and out of hospital a priority."


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