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Yorkshire Law Society raise over £400 at Annual Dinner
29th Nov 2012
Yorkshire Law Society held their Annual Dinner on Friday 16th November, raising £405 for better mental health. SANE is honoured to be Yorkshire Law Society’s Charity of the y...
Street Fundraising
28th Nov 2012
Comment from Marjorie Wallace on the national agreement on regulating street fundraising launched by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association and the Local Government Associat...
SANE Comment on Schizophrenia Commission Report
14th Nov 2012
Please find below comment from Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, on the report by the Schizophrenia Commission into the standard of care for people with schizophrenia and ...
SANE on the NHS Mandate
12th Nov 2012
Comment from Marjorie Wallace on the NHS Mandate, which instructs doctors and clinicians to consider their patients’ mental as well as physical health: “What is shockin...
SANE welcomes National Stress Awareness Day
07th Nov 2012
Comment from Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of†SANE, on National Stress Awareness Day: “Stress is something that we all experience in our own ways throughout our lives, bu...
Ed Miliband's Speech on Mental Health
29th Oct 2012
Comment from Marjorie Wallace on Ed Miliband’s speech announcing new proposals for mental health service provision, in which he describes mental illness as “the biggest...