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Letter from the CEO to the Sunday Observer
20th May 2013
Below is a letter from Marjorie Wallace, CEO of SANE, in response to coverage of the publication of the new American psychiatric bible, the DSM-V An edited version of this letter a...
Volunteering for mental health awareness
17th May 2013
As mental health awareness week draws to a close, we interview Sharmay, who has been with us since 2009 to reflect on what she has learned and gained through her own experiences as...
MPs return to debate mental health
16th May 2013
MPs from all parties joined in a backbench debate today on the subject of mental health, following on from the debate in June last year in which a number of MPs divulged their own ...
Do you want to dance?
15th May 2013
“I want you to talk.” Are the first words to me from a young, blonde, small headed woman who I take to be Fiona De Clerk. I am in the building of the Community Mental H...
Why mental health isn't just about the mind
14th May 2013
[Warning –Trigger alert] I recently heard of a survey that has revealed 25% of adults across Britain walk for less than an hour each week. It’s a frightening statistic ...
To your good health - physical and mental
13th May 2013
To mark Mental Health Awareness week, SANE is bringing you a series of guest written news pieces.  Authors will shine the spotlight on lived experiences and current concerns. To ki...