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MPs return to debate mental health
16th May 2013
MPs from all parties joined in a backbench debate today on the subject of mental health, following on from the debate in June last year in which a number of MPs divulged their own ...
Do you want to dance?
15th May 2013
“I want you to talk.” Are the first words to me from a young, blonde, small headed woman who I take to be Fiona De Clerk. I am in the building of the Community Mental H...
Why mental health isn't just about the mind
14th May 2013
[Warning –Trigger alert] I recently heard of a survey that has revealed 25% of adults across Britain walk for less than an hour each week. It’s a frightening statistic ...
To your good health - physical and mental
13th May 2013
To mark Mental Health Awareness week, SANE is bringing you a series of guest written news pieces.  Authors will shine the spotlight on lived experiences and current concerns. To ki...
Sharp rise in cases of self-poisoning
07th May 2013
Comment from Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of SANE, on NHS figures showing a sharp rise in cases of self-poisoning over the last decade: “At SANE we have seen what amount...
Catherine Zeta-Jones admits herself to hospital
03rd May 2013
Catherine Zeta Jones has admitted herself to a psychiatric hospital for ongoing treatment for her bipolar II disorder, it has been reported this week. The actress will be staying a...