Natural Therapy For All


Natural_Therapy_For_All_logoNatural Therapy For All is an online web directory listing complementary therapists. The site also provides information about different areas that complementary therapies can help with.

Optimal Living


Optimal_Living_logoSANE has partnered with Optimal Living so that our volunteers can receive information and have their emotional support work informed by mindfulness practice. Scientific evidence has shown the benefits of mindfulness to include: increased ability to relax, improved self confidence and emotional resilience in difficult situations.

Optimal Living also runs programmes aimed at those experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, anger, worry and persistent low mood. Click here for more information.

Pandas Foundation


Pandas Foundation supports families across the UK suffering from pre or postnatal depression. They offer sufferers and their families support and advice to help aid recovery.

Personality Disorder Support Community


Personality Disorder Support Community is a UK-based safe and secure chat and information site for anyone who suffers from personality disorders.

Treatment Diaries


Treatment Diaries is a website where individual patients, caregivers, health professionals and advocates share personal insights and health experiences. The platform is free and always available; offering a safe place to anonymously keep multiple diaries of your daily journey, across more than one condition - either privately or shared out with others, allowing for shared coping strategies, support for others and the exchange of information.



VoiceAbilityVoiceAbility is a national charity providing advocacy for disabled people, those with mental health conditions, learning disabilities, carers and looked after children. VoiceAbility supports people who face disadvantage or discrimination to have a voice that counts.