Head Start

Welcome to the Head Start landing page

Head Start is a practical, educational and motivational support programme for people with schizophrenia. To be completed with healthcare professionals in scheduled appointments, the programme is designed to provide information, develop skills to help individuals better manage their condition, and achieve personal goals.

Head Start has been developed by an expert steering committee (made up of psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts, the mental health charity SANE), which was initiated and funded by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals UK, for implementation through NHS services.

The programme consists of a series of flexible modules, each addressing a different aspect of wellbeing to create a holistic resource. The modules can be completed at any stage of a person’s experience with schizophrenia or psychosis, with support from a healthcare professional. All six modules can be accessed for download here.

All about me

Identify your individual expectations, goals and aspirations.

A better future: Improving resilience and relationships

Help you to maintain a more day-to-day sense of mental wellbeing.

Managing your money

Understand budgeting, managing finances, financial support available and other information on finances.

Skills and prospects for a brighter future

Know your options on working, volunteering and learning opportunities.

Healthy body, mind and you

Take care of your body in a way that takes care of your mind.

Living with schizophrenia: Choices in your treatment

Treatment information to facilitate an informed decision.

The Head Start steering committee

Dr Eleanor Bradley - Psychologist, CPsychol, AFBPsS

John Donoghue - Clinical pharmacist (retired), Medicines in Mental Health

Margaret Edwards - Director of strategy and communications, SANE

Dr Alan Farmer - Consultant psychiatrist, Worcestershire Health and Care Trust

Prof Richard Holt - Professor in diabetes and endocrinology, Honorary consultant physician

Dr Arasu Kuppuswamy - Consultant psychiatrist, NHS Leadership Academy of West Yorkshire

Jason Linskey - Mental health nurse, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Prof Andre Tylee - Emeritus professor of general practice and mental health, King's College London