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Bethlehem Hospital – ‘Bedlam’

Recently, Dr James MacCabe (right), Senior Lecturer at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Consultant Psychiatrist at the National Psychosis Unit delivered a presentation to volunteers and staff.

He spoke about the original Bethlehem Hospital in 1247 on the site where Liverpool Street Station now sits, and the corruption of the word to ‘Bedlam’, which came to be associated with madness.

Bethlem_HospitalNational Psychosis Unit

Dr MacCabe talked about the work of the Unit today, dealing, as it does, with ‘treatment-resistant’ psychosis.  With a mixture of inpatient, outpatient and outreach work, the Unit works with those who have had long-term psychotic symptoms; it also provides second opinions, medication reviews, or those who have encountered difficulties in their relationship with their local mental health teams.

He spoke about the work the Unit undertakes with families and carers, and about the effectiveness of CBT as a way of helping people manage their symptoms.

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Volunteering at the National Psychosis Unit

We are planning to develop a system that enables SANE Services Volunteers to volunteer at the Unit.  This will enhance the skills and experience of our volunteers, whilst boosting volunteer input at the Unit.