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I have not put a title to my story or sent a photo, i just need to let you know who i am.
I am a mother of 4 young adults, they are all working and are very supportive, so is my husband, he is my (pardon the cliche) rock but i dont think they all really know what im going through, obviously, they are not in my head. I dont even know why i am like i am, i also suffer from epilepsy, i blackout and zone out so i am a risk to myself and to others. I have a carer and have to have someone with me at home and if i do venture outside, i have a bad fear of people, they call it Social Phobia.
I often have suicidal thoughts and i harm myself with a blade or anything else i can get my hands on at the time and its quite ritualistic the way i do it, im not going to go into detail as im sure you understand where im coming from.
I have great support from my GP, my Neurologist and the mental health team at my local NHS mental health unit, i have been attending there every 4 weeks for the last 6 months and in a few weeks will be starting an intensive course of therapy.
For now that is all.