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Hi, where do I start? I am 43 years old and have been trying to help my sister who was finally diagnosed with bipolar three years ago, which she won't accept and still believes there is nothing wrong with her. She is 48 and all her problems started when she was 23, I tried every avenue and could never get her any help, my main problem was she wouldn't take any help from anyone and wouldn't take any medication, which means she is mostly in a manic state and since her daughter of 15 came to live with me four years ago she has got progressively worse and has been in and out of psychiatric units for a couple of years now. Her daughter has been to hell and back living with her for 11 years and has suffered alot of abuse from my sister, I am not here for my sister anymore after hearing what she put my niece through. My mum has always been very strong for everyone in our family and she is now 74, she has rheumotoid arthritis since i was three and she never complains. Six months ago her personality changed dramatically and she didn't want to go out or see anyone and she lost three stone in weight, I've since found out that my sister had been phoning her daily and everything had got too much for her. So in sept this year she tried to commit suicide and I found her, she is now getting help and has been diagnosed with clinical depression and i'm trying my hardest to help but I am mentally and physically exhausted. Then my brother phoned to tell me that my 24 year old niece had tried to commit suicide and has been diagnosed with manic depression and borderline personality disorder. I just feel my whole family are really struggling and we all need help to cope with all this. I think everyone's feeling, who's next.