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Cheating ex

Im suffering from really bad depression due to my cheating ex,
we met 13 years ago, thought everything was perfect so many years down the line i found out that he had got married to someone while he was me & had a daughter, totally broke my heart but he said they wasnt together anymore & the realationship continued, I fell pregnant & thought everything was perfect How wrong I was, i never met his family got invited to gatherings which I found strange, phone would go off for days wouldn't see him for weeks on end always arguing over silly things,
Then I had 2nd baby thought things would change again but they didnt only got worse I was left holding the babys no help no support, since the split I have found out that he was flitting back & fourth between me & the wife & also sleeping with other women aswell as trying it on with my sister & best friend, I have suffered years of physical & mental abuse & now im at my wits end,
We was on & off over the years but last year was the final straw when his sister got married me & my children were not invited he was there with his wife telling her he loved her all nite then at the end of the night he went home with his sisters next door neighbour & had a 1 night night stand which has now resulted in them having a baby them moving into together & him taking my children.
This happened in March & since then my world has fell apart I am a wreck dont stop crying im getting into trouble with police when ive had a drink cant get out of bed cant leave the house.
Im struggling alone as I have no family or friends around for support.
Im on anti depressants that dont seem to be helping I think that I have something wrong with me but dont seem to be getting taken seriously by the doctor. I have looked up signs for bi polar & have a lot of the signs but how do I get doc to help me.