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Winning Poetry!

Winning Poem- 3.
Poetry in Mind Barley Poet


Judgment: Hyper-sensitive-Loner-Fearful-Bullied-Introverted-Bullied-Insecure. Cowardly.
Treatment: Poke the pain of abandonment against the numbed skull with regular Valium installations until it exists only in the mind – Which is where it only exists, at all. Or does it? - Or - You could try poking them into talking.
Listen to them. Listen to th...em until they’re exhausted.
It’s cheaper. It won’t hurt anyone else.
And I can still get my train home. On time.
Care: Wait. Wait and see.
Wait and see if they leave of their own volition.
Wait. Do nothing.
Guide nowhere. Say nothing. Wait.
Wait until something else happens.
Wait until they do something else.
Wait until they injure themselves again.
Wait until they injure themselves with such vehement red-hot desperate grief that we shall have to review the next box.
Wait. Wait until they will fit into that box.
Wait. Now they fit into that box.