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Poetry In Mind, Poetry Competition

Dear All,

This is a link on the Sane Website for our Partner Charity, ‘Poetry In Mind’.
Poetry in Mind is an organisation which established a Poetry Competition, open to all those who have been treated for a Mental Health Condition at some point and is an opportunity for them to speak openly and candidly of their own experiences of what treatment they received, or in so many cases, what ‘mis-treatment’ they received (!).
The Organisation received some truly fascinating and descriptive Poetry. Each and every Poet had their own story to tell and in more cases than not, these experiences were highly traumatic.

Please feel free to visit our web-site on facebook:!/pages/Poetry-in-Mind/158795797506199?fref=ts

The winning Poems are listed below………..

The Winners are:

Winner – Jane Maccallaugh, ‘Trapped’- Prize of £125.
Winner- Kyla Kavanagh – 'White Bird'- Prize of £125.
Runner- Up -Barley Robinson - 'Judgement, Treatment and Care'- Prize of £50.

The Judge would also like to make a special mention and Thanks to:

Barry Tennyson – 'In the asylum grounds'.
John Hoggett - 'Word Salad'
John Harrison- ‘The World of Silence and the Silence you Shame’.