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my first day with the new me

i decided after my last episode 3 wks ago that something had to change so i went back on my citalipram in the morning and went to gp to get permission to take my amitriptyline at night to help,,This last suicide attempt was a wake up call, My husband called my son and daughter to witness how bad i was and he said that he was going to leave unless i got more help,,so i did after my 3rd day i had started to calm down,im waiting for the therapist to get intouch and ive only had 1 small episode since then, im trying to sort my mind out, i know exactly what i need to do to get past my loss of both my daughters 3 yrs ago and move on to the next phase of my life with the family i have,,so i decided to plan a day with them to my birth place edinburgh we went to T.G.I Fridays what a good day despite haveing my physical difficulties i managed it was pouring down but nothing put a damper on our day together its a long slow progress but in order for me to have a somewhat normal life i need to start rebuilding what ive damaged through my bipolar,,My daughter and myself took part in a research from sane it was like the first step to goes!!!!