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I have a son with schizophernia which he has had from being 18 yrs of age. He is now 55 yrs of age.
He has had no social worker for 8 yrs now and when he was targeted by a thug, He has been forced to draw his money out of the hole in the wall. Had mobiles, computer laptop and other things stolen from his flat. His wrist broken when he tried to stop him from walking out with his computer laptop.Told because he hit him first he could not do anything about it. I told the mental health people about it. Did they go and see him NO.
I was told they would tick the right boxes and that was it. .I just could not believe they get paid all that money just for ticking boxes. The police was more understanding and helpfull than they. I am 77yrs old and feel I should have had some support which neither I or my son recieved. What is the world coming to when you get treated that way..

Feel a bit better getting that off my chest.

Sincerely Silverlight