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Derealization (story of my life)

Trapped in a strange illusion, born knowing the truth but growing to believe lies, trapped in a world of confusion, Like a constant drumbeat that never changes, Or a book filled with white blank pages, a mind blocked by blurry cages, an audience watching empty stages. Sitting in a snowy field when the skies are bright and clear, watching life like its a movie from birth till death, The thoughts of going insane are your worst fears, Letters, colours, memories are not clear, The space between dreams and reality are far too near, it never stops it will never dissapear. A frosty glass window blocks reality, forget the ways and laws of humanity, every object you see makes you over analyze, theres no emotion you've forgotten how to cry, just waiting for it all to end when you die, through every hour,day,month and year you will fly.

^^ My poem. pretty much explains everything