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One step forward, two back

After a few good weeks, it's back to square one. My ex-wife wanted me to be friends with her on Facebook the other day. I got briefly angry before deleting her again. A good couple of days here at SANE were offset by a mortal blow. Two letters from the DWP telling me that my ESA benefit stops from next Tuesday. I have no money to pay bills, buy food or clear debts hanging on from 2 years ago. Hopefully it'll be all sorted tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath. They say trouble comes in threes. Well it has for me recently. There is a danger things could take another serious turn again, I'm hoping not, but the signs are ominous.

It just feels like as the title says, one step forward, two back. Unfortunately in this world, there is unspeakable evil going on. And I'm going through the wringer right now. What will happen next?........