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Black Dog poem


Frightening in your stealth, you approach like the darkest cloud.
They cannot see you, but those close know you are with me.
Your visits provoke their wariness, afraid they may tip the scales.
Some are aware of your deceptive nature; the ignorant have no perception of your power.
Others turn away in accusation. As if I would ever invite you.

No discrimination or sense of timing; no discernment or sensitivity.
You impose your will with malicious glee; my own self recoiling in your shadow.
Darkness cast over me like a heavy blanket; the dense shroud enveloping.
Despair surrounds like quicksand pulling at my thoughts.
Retreating down your path. As if I could ever fight you.

Your weight is paralysing, debilitating the strongest minds and bodies.
Shapeless, and yet I have known you before; saddened that I did not see you coming.
Overpowered by the guilt you inflict, my strength sapped and hope flagging.
Communication closing down. Those outside see only the facade and not the pain.
Must make people see your face. As if I could ever light you.

Fear transmitted through quickness to temper; no patience or forgiveness.
Shrinking the circle of those willing to be involved with this monster.
When will this end? All this thought with no reason.
But wait, you have been before, which means you left me.
It is you that is wrong. As if I could ever right you.

Robert Mann