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Depression a terrible affliction

First came into contact with major depression a year and a half ago and I thought I was at the end of the earth. I could not gain interest in my social life and at social gatherings at university, I would get uneccessarily drunk to try and alleviate the symptoms. I was catatonic often and slept hours and could not concentrate and miraculously managed to get 2:1s and firsts. I knew something was wrong but I just coudn't figure it out. I knew I coudn't live the rest of my existence in this state. After seven months, I found out I was clinically depressed and received counselling and was put on citalopram. I should have headed to the doctors far sooner due to suicidal, disturbing thoughts. Having got off citalopram recently, I am filled with a joy and love for life and am upset that I felt this way. I will never forget how hellish and horrible this was and my heart goes out to those who are suffering