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My name is Elizabeth. I had a major breakdown in the summer of 2010. It all started when I changed jobs at work and went down in a spiral very quickly. All I wanted to do was stay in bed as I was digging deeper into a big black hole as each day went by . I did not want to do anything or see anyone. I was becoming very withdrawn in my own home, too frightened to step outside the front door. My husband did not understand what was wrong with me and went off to work as normal. Things came to a head when my mother came down to Gloucestershire to visit me as I was not answering text telephone calls or emails. She was very worried about me. It was decided that I would go back to the Wirral for a few days to see if I got any better? My GP was useless and said that there was nothing that they could do for me.
From the day, I travelled up north, I never returned to Gloucestershire. I gave up my job, my home and my marriage. I was admitted to Clatterbridge hospital in June 2011 for an assessment. At that point, I was going mad.. I kept on hearing different voices in my head, I felt sucidal. I did not want to watch TV in case someone jumped out at me. I was put on various tablets and had a ECT which made no difference. Eventually, I was admitted to John Denmark Unit in Manchester, a mental health care place for deaf people. I stayed there for 8 weeks having various therapy and weaning me off the anti-depressants.
To this day, I am still taking the tablets and still suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. i am taking one day at a time. I remain very positive and focused that I pulled through the other side, with the support of my loving family behind me. Without them, i would have not been here today.