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My sister

Hi all,

I've just joined and was hoping that someone somewhere might be able to help us before it's to late! I'm 25 years old and I have a twin sister who has been diagnosed with EUPD. I'm looking for any advice that anybody has doesn't matter how big or how small! My sister has been severley suffering with this condition undiagnosed for years however it has drastically taken control of my sister for the last 3 years. After her son in 2013 things began to take a drastic turn for the worse! My sister hit the bottle and hit it hard. The majority of the last 3 years have been spent in and out of hospitals due to the drink, epilepsy which has been triggered how we are not fully aware, and the shadow of EUPD. She has been resuscitated a number of times, stabbed her self, cut her own throat and wrists, basically starving her self. We are beyond petrified every time the phone rings as to what we may hear on the other end. As for professional help well what profressional help with every hospital admission we hope someone might help but that hope is short lived when my sister is quickly patched up and discharged, key and support workers don't respond to phone calls or cancel meetings! I need your help and advice we are so lost trying to seek the right help for her that we are scared if we don't find it soon we may be facing our worst fears and losing the battle.