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Life with a Mental Health Issue

For the past few months, I have suffered a nervous breakdown, so much so, that I attempted to take my own life, by taking an overdose, of which this resulted in me being admitted to hospital placed on a drip and told by a doctor, I was lucky to be alive, due to the amount I had taken, this at the time scared me and people may say, you learn from you're own mistakes, unfortunately for me, I didn't and I attempted it again a few days later, fortunately I was detained under The Mental Health Act and I was placed within a secure unit to receive the most appropriate treatment. What I witnessed whilst being in their, made me think differently about myself, unfortunately I was able to see violence against nursing staff and other patients and that made me understand that I need to change and change is what I needed to do. I have now been discharged from Hospital and I am receiving home support from Medical Professionalís and family, along with regular medication for my depression and anxiety. I am not writing this because I am seeking for sympathy because I am not, what I am trying to say and hopefully reach out to is for other people who maybe suffering from Mental Health Issues, life at times maybe tough and you may think, like me why am I carrying on with life, while this is my advice, seek help, donít be ashamed in doing so, you wonít be called, selfish or an attention seeker, there are genuine people out there to support you. You may think ending your life is the easiest thing to because it will get rid of all your pain, let me tell you this, it maybe over for you, but will be the loved ones you have left behind who will suffer, wanting answers to why their son/daughter wanted to end their life. I hope people with Mental Health issues, or people seeking advice read this and take note, that help is out their. Please donít suffer in silence, itís difficult and itís tough, but with the most adequate amount of help you can get through this.

Thank You