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Illuminating the Shadow Within

My name is Matthew Williams and I started to write about my experiences of depression recently to try and raise awareness of the terrible nature of the illness, to help me to better understand myself, to provide an outlet to capture the thoughts that sometimes swirl around my head, and to hopefully offer some comfort to those that are fighting their own battles.

This is a poem called 'Illuminating the Shadow Within'

A shadow inside, dormant,
But alive;
Wish it would leave,
But within me he hides.

Waiting to catch me,
Blind, complacent;
To wreak his havoc,
For his chance, ever patient.

Hoping that one day,
I will forget;
That within he resides,
A faultline in my head.

To possess me wholly, consume me,
My soul, my light, my hope,
He'll devour.

My spirit his lifeblood,
He feeds on his host;
A parasitic presence,
This unholy ghost.

From the bowels of hell he rises,
Fire feeding his flame;
A burning white inferno within,
This charred carcass of shame.

Broken, empty,
Hostile takeover complete;
Talons sinking deeper,
Dismantling piece by piece.

Leaving but a hollow shell,
Of the man I used to be;
No identity but the shadow,
That's disguised itself as me.

And so I choose to open myself,
Expose the shadow to light;
To shine upon his hiding place,
And keep him in my sights.

My pen is thus my weapon,
Emancipating words that glow;
With the light of awareness to irradiate,
This cancer of the soul.

And may my pages wrap in comfort,
Those with shadows of their own;
Illuminate and brighten,
Their darkened paths with hope.

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