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The Promise of Day

My name is Matthew Williams and I started to write about my experiences of depression recently to try and raise awareness of the terrible nature of the illness, to help me to better understand myself, to provide an outlet to capture the thoughts that sometimes swirl around my head, and to hopefully offer some comfort to those that are fighting their own battles.

This is a poem called 'The Promise of Day'

Tear off my skin, climb outside,
To escape the captors that imprison my mind;
Depart the body, broken and used,
Dragging my demons, to my soul they fuse.

Extinguishing hope, narrowing view,
Life as I'd known it, over, through;
The life that's coming, distant, unclear,
Suffocating, breathless, blanketed in fear.

A void widens afore me,
The abyss, it calls my name;
Hell affords its invite,
Another broken soul to claim.

As swirling madness batters,
All that once was good;
My silent scream echoes,
Throughout an empty wood.

Stripped of all that held me,
Raw flesh angrily exposed;
Liberating loneliness,
It's me and me alone.

Descending through the darkness,
Weighted by my blackened soul;
Praying I find rock bottom,
It's my only chance to grow.

I will endure the torture,
From the ashes I shall stride;
In the light of a new morning,
I will see with brand new eyes.

Scars no longer angry,
Mere patterns of the past;
Wisdom sealed within them,
To guide along the path.

The sun it always rises,
Shadows never stay;
Persevere through the darkness,
Night holds the promise of day.

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