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tackling mental stigma, from its root cause.

The number one root cause of mental stigma is psychiatrist . They have produced a book in which the label certain traits. Theses traits then brandish a person with a serious mental illness, likewise the authorities i.e police, schools and social services all collectively get involved to make sure the label sticks. The same psychiatrist tell the media that those labelled are unpredictable and should be feared. Furthermore, they prescribe toxic drugs that don't always work to make the patient look mental i.e drool, lose hair put on weight, sluggish speech, tardive dyskanesia etc. So we someone that looks different than us and we are warned by psycs in the media to keep away from such person, its this scare mongering that has created the stigma, what else would you Cali it?l
In a nutshell we can change perceptions and stigma if psychiatrist own up to their part in the creation of stigma and change the way they approach mental health patients.

Treating mental health patients should focus more on a therapeutic approach as oppose to a medicinal one. Psychiatrist should create less scare mongering and a more accepting approach, because all of us will face a breakdown in some point of our life we shouldn't have to come out with more health complications induced by medicine nore should we be feared by others in our time of need . Its this fear that stops people coming forward for treatment.
What psychtrist are doing is worse than what the social workers did in in the 80s, when they Brock families up by removing kids .