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My Recovery and helping others

Hi all, I have bipolar disorder I have been sectioned numerous times and i really would like to give back to the community through voluntary work. Through my recovery i engaged in adventurous outdoor activities such as sailing. I am trying ti implement this into the community resource team but i need help fundraising so i can complete my training as a sailing instructor and voluntary organise this for free for people with mental health problems so they have the opportunity i did to recover (if it helps them of course) it helps self-esteem, confidence, anxiety id really like to do this but don't know where to start and i just cant seem to get the fundraising money in. I intend to raise funds to complete my sailing instructor training, work with the community resource mental health team and offer this as activities to people with all sorts of mental health difficulties despite this being secondary or primary care I really feel it ll boost confidence and help. what are everyone else's thoughts? and how can I promote my fundraising page? Many thanks