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My biggest mistake

13 years ago I got way to drunk and was attacked and was knocked unconscious but have no memory of an altercation. Upon getting my bearings not knowing wear I was in was robbed and had blood coming from my head I stopped a bus and the driver helped me and called an ambulance. I was patched up although a few days later I started to get head and neck pain. I was put on medication and sent for scans which came back clear. I saw a chiropractic and osteopathy and acupuncture and even hypnotherapy but nothing helped. After 4 years I tried to get back into some work and some portering at a hospital and I was managing despite the pain and I kept this up 4 years then the pain increased and I started to suffer with anxiety and panic attacks and that is where I am now. I can't travel on transport. I struggle with appointments and even everyday tasks like going to the barbers or dentists scare me. I have had councilling and am on strong medication and have trouble sleeping but my doctor says there is nothing much they can do due to funding. I think that is everything