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Please read the stories below, and share your experiences with us; we can't wait to read them. Remember, if you're in need of emotional support, our confidential services are always here.  

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help me
idont on 28 Dec 2015
Used and Abused (graphic might be triggering)
m4ggie on 27 Dec 2015
Inside my head
Catherine on 27 Dec 2015
I just want to get better
charlie1cat on 26 Dec 2015
jasmine241 on 22 Dec 2015
What does it feel like when you're depressed?
robertddangoor on 22 Dec 2015
*Trigger Warning - Some distressing content* She's always smiling she must be fine...
jodie24 on 22 Dec 2015
Timebomb that has finally exploded on 15 Dec 2015
Thank You
John Garth Raubenheimer on 14 Dec 2015
Back To School...
Angela McCrimmon on 14 Dec 2015
solitarysoldier on 11 Dec 2015
Just Tali.
taliterblanche on 10 Dec 2015
Can't trust anymore
mhollow on 8 Dec 2015
Depression or not
john7378 on 7 Dec 2015
Finding my way through the rain on 3 Dec 2015
Angela McCrimmon on 30 Nov 2015
Angela McCrimmon on 28 Nov 2015
what have i got
kdc085 on 27 Nov 2015
stuart573 on 26 Nov 2015
When The Veneer Loses Its Shine...
allyc on 26 Nov 2015