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Please read the stories below, and share your experiences with us; we can't wait to read them. Remember, if you're in need of emotional support, our confidential services are always here.  

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Here I go again on 7 Feb 2016
Never give up.
nicole24 on 4 Feb 2016
My Left Hand
John Garth Raubenheimer on 4 Feb 2016
TRIG: A Borderline Mind. A Unique Individual.
torie on 31 Jan 2016
nothing, really.
misplaced on 29 Jan 2016
The No Place
John Garth Raubenheimer on 26 Jan 2016
Life etc.
John Garth Raubenheimer on 25 Jan 2016
I've got borderline, so has my mother
imconfused on 22 Jan 2016
Born to be Bullied
Dodoman on 22 Jan 2016
one in four
poppy1972 on 21 Jan 2016
The Hours Before My First CBT.
Albooth on 21 Jan 2016
Having a conversation with my mouth shut
buzzlightyear on 19 Jan 2016
How Do We Get Past These Difficulties
John Garth Raubenheimer on 18 Jan 2016
Money strikes again
SairyFairy on 13 Jan 2016
The reality of living with BPD
carissawright on 12 Jan 2016
Anxiety through my experience,
samwinter on 11 Jan 2016
depression and dogs
shazz on 11 Jan 2016
Travel Pass Renewal
fredbloggs on 11 Jan 2016
New to this site
elvistcb on 8 Jan 2016
My story
reenie87 on 4 Jan 2016