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Please read the stories below, and share your experiences with us; we can't wait to read them. Remember, if you're in need of emotional support, our confidential services are always here.  

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suicidal thoughts and actions
crazylady on 3 Sep 2014
My story
md23-x on 27 Aug 2014
life changes quickly on 27 Aug 2014
caught in a repetitive thought pattern and behaviour?
zomman on 26 Aug 2014
My struggle with complex PTSD and MDD
rosierooke on 26 Aug 2014
My story- PTSD, anxiety, depression
Es96 on 25 Aug 2014
should l have therapy?
twins2 on 24 Aug 2014
Did it ever go?
SCFCBlue on 21 Aug 2014
So far....
Lou83 on 19 Aug 2014
deathwishwriter on 17 Aug 2014
My long road with deppression
Ossie on 17 Aug 2014
Being in a relationship with someone suffering from depression and attempted suicide [TRIGGER WARNING]
TobyJoe on 15 Aug 2014
Mind Not Vacant
janedarlin89 on 13 Aug 2014
is it coming back?
tryit on 13 Aug 2014
Why can't I stop dwelling on my miserable teenage years?
Simmo88 on 10 Aug 2014
My Journey from MH service user to MH staff nurse...
Geordiegirl on 8 Aug 2014
Self harm- scarred for life?
agmorris75 on 4 Aug 2014
mums suicide
vixs 78 on 30 Jul 2014
Depression, social anxiety and low self esteem
Rcb on 26 Jul 2014
husband having nervous breakdown
lindyloo on 20 Jul 2014