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Please read the stories below, and share your experiences with us; we can't wait to read them. Remember, if you're in need of emotional support, our confidential services are always here.  

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My battle with bereavement, depression and suicide attempts.
mmck on 21 Feb 2015
Melissa Swift
Dodoman on 20 Feb 2015
Up to date
Keeingsane22 on 20 Feb 2015
Partner with depression
Hails on 19 Feb 2015
Life begins at 40
bipolarman on 15 Feb 2015
Battling with mental health diagnosis
Isis on 12 Feb 2015
Living with chronic Depersonalisation Derealisation Disorder (DPDR)
LBLimboland13 on 10 Feb 2015
Madness is a Gift from God
Queen on 10 Feb 2015
Living with paranoid schizophrenia
JadeWebster on 9 Feb 2015
begins! falls! rises ?
17Elroy on 6 Feb 2015
Speak up or speak out; you might just save a life.
janedarlin89 on 6 Feb 2015
Mother phobia
Dodoman on 4 Feb 2015
Battling my demons
Lonelyblonde on 4 Feb 2015
Broken Beyond Repair
kalyfician on 3 Feb 2015
My Diagnosis
BrighterDayTomorrow on 3 Feb 2015
A muddled tangled exhausting ride
Wifeyem on 30 Jan 2015
An hour at a time
pauline.rootsey on 30 Jan 2015
far from where I once was, not yet where I am going to be
hollydolly on 29 Jan 2015
'Voices and Visions'
Sammyjoe on 25 Jan 2015
4 years almost !! a normal person
diane 11 on 22 Jan 2015