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Please read the stories below, and share your experiences with us; we can't wait to read them. Remember, if you're in need of emotional support, our confidential services are always here.  

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Merry Stressmas
dirkgently1066 on 21 Dec 2016
Poem for Depression
ladderofhope on 15 Dec 2016
Living with severe Depression and Anxiety
ladderofhope on 15 Dec 2016
An Encounter with Depression
jadeohalloran on 6 Dec 2016
Life with a Mental Health Issue
gbainbridge2 on 4 Nov 2016
NHS Waiting Lists
everydayjam on 4 Nov 2016
Illuminating the Shadow Within
mathw1974 on 27 Oct 2016
Life Hiatus – My Mental Health In-Patient Admission and Diagnosis of a ‘Mood Disorder’
antonysimpson on 26 Oct 2016
The Promise of Day
mathw1974 on 26 Oct 2016
tackling mental stigma, from its root cause.
mon on 25 Oct 2016
surviving bipolar
rufete on 23 Oct 2016
missa88 on 21 Oct 2016
Ten past midnight
alexandrahopkins91 on 20 Oct 2016
Love is Mental
foxyrini on 20 Oct 2016
The Life I Chose
balgill on 14 Oct 2016
My Recovery and helping others
kiza182 on 11 Oct 2016
Living with two lifelong illnesses and learning difficulties.
anusha79 on 7 Oct 2016
My anxiety and alcohol dependency
mattday920 on 6 Oct 2016
when life bites you in the ass
mumzy on 5 Oct 2016
My biggest mistake
john1976 on 4 Oct 2016