Message of Hope

Message of Hope

For many people living with mental illness, life can seem like an endless barrier of isolation, exclusion and loneliness. Individuals often feel extremely vulnerable; as though they have nowhere to turn; that no-one understands their suffering or situation.

Please help alleviate these difficult feelings by sharing a Message of Hope for better mental health. Email your message to [email protected] or share with us through Facebook and Twitter. We’ll share your inspirational messages on our social media sites from World Suicide Prevention Day until the end of the year. We’ll also be working with our emotional support team to ensure your messages reach people who don’t have access to the Internet.

Some recent messages:

"Reach out of the darkness, for the hand of support it is there. Grab on and together, step by step, we'll walk back into the light."

"You are feeling very much on your own, but please know that you are not. I care very much that you are happy, and I know there are many others who also care. Believe in yourself and you will win through."

‎"I know you are in the deepest of darkest places as I am there also. Take my hand and together we will battle to find the light."