Donate the Change

What is Donate the Change?

Donate the Change (DTC) is a brand new initiative of charitable giving, made easy. Their aim is to reduce charities' fundraising costs to zero and this is done by purchasing their own DTC wristbands/keyrings. These work as contactless payments, so it gives people the option to donate as they shop. Easy, affordable and completely safe.

How does it work?

When you pay for something using one of the Donate the Change accessories, a donation rule is automatically triggered to send the donation straight to your chosen charity.

How much you donate depends on the rules you set. There are three options. You could:

-          Add a specific amount to each purchase, for example 20p. Every time you pay for something, 20p is donated

-          Add a percentage to each purchase, for example 10%. If your bill comes to £4.80, 48p is donated

-          Round up to the nearest pound. For example, if your bill comes to £3.29, then 71p is donated

Every time you pay for something with your accessory, you earn Taps. The more you use your accessory, the more Taps you earn and the better the rewards you can get.

How can I get involved and support SANE?

You can help support SANE and register for your very own DTC accessory by clicking this link:

The first 250 accessories are free so click today before they are all gone!

To find out more about Donate the Change, click here:

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