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Fundraising Team

Jo Christophi

Jo_ChristophiI joined SANE in July 2015 as Head of Fundraising and Marketing. I come from a charity background and worked for health, disability and medical research related organisations. Mental health is an issue that is very close to my heart and the opportunity to work here was impossible to turn down. SANE has a huge voice for so many that feel they are unable to speak up for fear of being stigmatised – we need to change that. Mental illness is hidden, and can affect anyone. I want to make sure we do all that we can to be there and support those going through such difficult times.

I love people! I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I am very passionate about food, cooking and the outdoors.

Rachel Smith


I began working at SANE in October 2013. Having always wanted to work in the third sector, I interned and temped at a number of charities until joining SANE. And working here has been a truly incredible, eye-opening experience.

Mental health is such an important issue and one very close to my heart, and the more I learn about it the more I am inspired to do all I can to tackle stigma and help change attitudes. The highlight of my job is hearing the stories of all the brave, inspirational people who have been affected by mental illness and who have decided to share their experiences and make a difference to mental health. I feel honoured to be part of the SANE team, raising much-needed money for such a brilliant cause.

Outside of work, my big passion is travel. I enjoy nothing more than heading off to new places with a backpack and a phrase book and seeing where I end up. I also love good food, a good book, and dancing. Although not necessarily all at the same time! 

Himasha Ranasinghe

Himasha Ranasinghe

I joined SANE as a Fundraising Assistant in November 2013. Although I have been involved in charity work for as long as I can remember, I was really inspired to move into the voluntary sector after studying Development Economics during my final year of university. 

I have a keen interest in mental health; specifically, the destigmatisation of talking about it and helping those who are in need of support and understanding. Every day I learn something new about the wonderful work that SANE is doing and I hope to contribute in any way that I can.

I enjoy travelling, learning about different cultures and reading classic literature. I also have a not so secret love of anything to do with Harry Potter.

Leon Hubert

Leon Hubert

I joined SANE as a Fundraising Assistant in November 2014. My time in education gave me the drive to work in the non-profit sector, but I discovered my passion for fundraising whilst spending several months working as a street fundraiser for a variety of great charities.

I have seen the ill-effects mental health stigma can have on people, and am committed to changing that. Being able to help SANE do this is an enormous privilege. Seeing the hard work done by SANE’s services every day is an amazing reminder of how worthwhile our work is.

In my spare time I obsess over American football, John le Carré books and Mexican food.

Emma Faulkner

Emma FaulknerI joined SANE as a Fundraising Assistant in November 2014. I graduated from the University of Leeds with a First Class BA Hons in History. During my time at Leeds I spent a long time studying post-colonial Africa, which sparked my interest in the charity sector, and my time volunteering at ActionAid just confirmed this for me.

Mental health is an issue which is growing all the time, yet there is still so much stigma surrounding it and simply not enough help available to those affected. Here at SANE I learn more about mental illness every day, and I am excited about working towards such a brilliant cause.

In my spare time I enjoy music, travelling, running and a lot of eating and sleeping.