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Running 20km of Brussels in memory of Steve Van De Perre
Added: 16th May 2012

On 27th May 2012 Rick Carberry will be running The 20km of Brussels race in memory of his best friend Steve Van De Perre. Rick explains ‘My best friend Steve and I made a pact to run the 20km of Brussels together every year. This would have been our third year. Sadly Steve will only run with me in spirit this 27th May as he lost his battle with depression, aged just 27, a few weeks ago’. Rick will run the race with Steve’s race number and electronic chip, so that Steve will get his medal too.

Rick says ‘Steve's death came as a shock to almost everybody who knew him. This handsome, intelligent, athletic, fun-loving guy with great prospects, a great family, a perfect girlfriend and amazing friends. Only a small number of us knew about the internal battle he had to face every day. Mental illness is like any other illness, it's just that the symptoms are often hidden from view'.

SANE would like to wish Rick the best of luck in completing The 20km of Brussels race. We hope that memories of Steve come as some comfort as he prepares to complete the race in his memory.


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